June 4 // Kopec’s // Pittsburgh, PA

You heard right. Our next big-shit public outing is June 4 at Pittsburgh’s filthiest townie hangout: Kopec’s in Lawrenceville.

We’ll be playing with Glass Nail Records’ Tawny Peaks. Super stoked.

Come hang. More details here

Show: June 4 / Kopec



Show: April 22 / Mr. Roboto Project / Pgh, PA


We’ll be playing Don’t Let the Scene Go Down on Me! Collective’s Birthday Weekend Hangover at The Mr. Roboto Project on Tuesday, April 22. It would be cool if you came.

Here’s some more info. We know how you like that.

Videos: WPTS Live Show

A couple weeks ago, we had the privilege of playing Pitt U’s 92.1 WPTS Live Show. The station was nice enough to film some of our set in glorious high definition vide, and now it’s online for your viewing pleasure: 


Follow the link for sweaty renditions of “Lukas,” “Inconveniencer,” and a new (currently instrumental) track called “You Are New.” You can also stream the entire radio show.


Tickets: Appleseed Cast / Muscle Worship / Nevada Mountains

Hey Internet, In case you didn’t get the memo, we’re opening for The Appleseed Cast and Muscle Worship on April 16 at Pittsburgh’s Club Cafe: http://www.facebook.com/events/509653622407148

As always, we have cheap ($10) pre-sale tickets that we’d like to put in your hands. If you’re interested in purchasing them, send us a message from this page or email us directly at nevadamountainsband@gmail.com.

You can also purchase a ticket directly from our webstore: http://nevadamountains.bigcartel.com/product/ticket-appleseed-cast-muscle-worship-nevada-mountains-apr-16-2013

Be cool and aware of the fact that, while we’re eager to be your ticket provider, waiting until the day of the show to commit isn’t very convenient for anyone. So buy early, kids!

Shitty Prom 2 Post-Mortem

Huge thanks to Christmas and Nick and everyone else for setting up and attending Shitty Prom 2…had a great time, as always.

Our very own Josh Escoto successfully defended the title of Prom Queen. Thanks to everyone who helped keep the tiara in the Nevada Family. #DefendPromQueen

Pics soon. Pics on pics on pics.

Tonight: Shitty Prom 2

Hey Internet!

Tonight is Shitty Prom 2: Survivors of the Shitpocalypse. We’re playing (Promise!) with our good friends Instead of Sleeping and a bunch of other killer locals. Should be a total shit-show.

Advance tickets (Going fast, get at us!) are $15, plus $1 for a party cup filled with nigh-limitless keg beer. 21+, sorry kiddos.

Josh is defending his Prom Queen crown. Rock the vote. #DefendPromQueen

See yinz there.

Tonight: 92.1 WPTS Live Show

Hey Internet,

We’ll be performing on Pitt U’s 92.1 WPTS Live Show tonight from 9-10 PM (EST). If you’re close to campus, you can listen on your radio (whatever that us) or stream it online from a few different locations, including this one:http://www.iheart.com/live/WPTS-FM-6145/

Josh should be fielding questions from his Twitter account. New music too, probably. C’mon…what else do you have to do?

March 22: Caspian / Native / Nevada Mountains

We have the incredible honor of opening for Caspian and Native this Friday at The Smiling Moose in Pittsburgh, PA. This is one of your last chances to get in on $12 pre-sale tickets. If you’re interested, send us as message. We’re more than happy to meet up with you at the venue the day-of.

Don’t forget, we’ll be playing the 92.1 FM WPTS Live Show this Wednesday at 9 p.m., as well as Shitty Prom 2 this Saturday ($15 shitty pre-sale tickets still available).

Now watch Caspian be awesome.